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AV as a Service (AVaaS)

What is AV as a Service (AVaaS)?

AVaaS eliminates the costly break-fix-replace model, and shifts technology investment from capital budgets to operating budgets, allowing your capital budget to be allocated to more strategic projects.

Top Benefits of AVaaS:


AVaaS - Predictability


Financial and technological. AVaaS provides installed AV/IT equipment, infrastructure, and support as a predictable monthly operating expense in the form of a lease. You will also no longer own hardware that will become obsolete. AVaaS includes scheduled system upgrades to ensure your business always has reliable technology.

AVaaS - Innovation


AVaaS allows companies to shift IT resources from corporate infrastructure to client-facing and/or revenue-generating activities, and for easy upgrades of technology as your business needs evolve and grow. You will never be locked into out-of-date technology that no longer fits.

AVaaS - Flexibility


AVaaS provides the flexibility for you to invest in the systems that will best support your business, rather than settling for what is allocated in this year’s capital budget.

AVaaS - Reliability


With 24/7 monitoring and management, systems issues are identified and corrected early to prevent downtime. System information is also used to increase system efficiency, troubleshoot, and prevent issues.

AVaaS - Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions

AvaaS provides the reporting you need to make fact-based, informed decisions about future technology upgrades and plans.

AVaaS - Consistency


Consistency in expense, in technology, and in user experience.

Increase your AV capabilities, efficiency, reliability and experience with AVaaS and our design, engineering, installation, and service experts.

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