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Managed Services

Managed Services that Maximize Uptime and Reliability

Whether you have a basic huddle or conference room, auditoriums with AV systems, or boardrooms with custom technology, you’ve made the investment in designing and building collaborative meeting space and you expect it to function perfectly for any user on a moment’s notice. You can protect your technological investment with a reliable preventative maintenance program, designed to help prolong the life of most equipment, and identify and correct potential system issues can be caught before they adversely affect equipment performance and result in costly downtime.

4Sight, the latest innovation from IMS Technology Services, combines the power of artificial intelligence with the personal touch of a trusted IMS Service Team, to ensure that your critical collaboration systems are online and driving your organization forward.

4Sight brings 4 game-changing offerings to our cutting-edge Managed Services platform:

24/7 System Monitoring

Collects real-time data on room components and connectivity to troubleshoot and predict technical problems before they occur.

Automatic AI System Fixes

Activate system reboots and firmware updates during non-critical times to solve half of the most common system issues.

IMS Concierge Service

Your teams communicate directly with IMS staff if there are critical system issues or if they need technology assistance.

Room Usage Analytics

Learn which types of rooms and components are used most often to provide the insight you need for ROI analysis and future planning.

Ready to learn more about IMS Managed Services?

Managed Services can prolong the life of your equipment and provide a better end-user experience. IMS offers a complete range of managed services to ensure that the investment you made in your meeting rooms continually delivers return and results. Our proactive service plans will ensure that your meeting rooms meet the specific critical business purpose for which they were designed and built.

Ready to learn more about the Managed Services plans designed for how you use your meeting rooms? Drop us a note and we'll schedule a conversation.

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